e-Visa Form Filling Assistance

How to Apply

While applying for an e-Visa to India, please refer to the steps given below for a detailed understanding on how to apply for an Indian e-Visa.

Step 1

e-Visa form filling assistance - Get Started

  • Click on Apply now to begin your e-VISA form filling.
  • Keep these details handy before you fill your e-VISA application form:
  • Your Current Passport should be valid for minimum 6 months from the date of application and must have at least 2 blank pages:
    • Passport number
    • Date of Issue
    • Date of Expiry
    • Place of Issue
  • Details of the countries visited by you in the last 6 months.
  • Details of current citizenship
  • Details of your proposed travel itinerary in India. For ease of form filling, the cities/places covered must be in sequence in the itinerary along with the ‘Entry port into India’ and ‘Exit port from India’.
  • Details of any other Valid Passport / identity certificate held
    • Passport / Certificate Number
    • Date of Issue
    • Place of issue
    • Nationality described therein.
  • Details of a reference contact
    • In Your home Country
    • In India
Step 2

Type of e-Visa and e-Visa Validity

  • There are five types of e-Visa namely,
    • e-Tourist Visa
    • e-Business Visa
    • e-Medical Visa
    • e-Medical Attendant Visa
    • e-Conference Visa
  • The type of visa granted to you will depend upon your purpose selection.
  • Single Entry is permitted on e-Conference Visa
  • Multiple Entry is permitted on e-Tourist and e-Business Visa.
  • Triple entry is permitted on e-Medical Visa and e-Medical Attendant Visa.
Step 3

Make payment

Payments must be made by Credit Card/Paypal Online.
  • Payment has to be made separately for each Applicant.
  • Convenience charges will apply for Credit Cards.
  • Cash will NOT be accepted.
  • Personal Checks will NOT be accepted.
Step 4

Photograph Specification

  • Format - JPEG
  • Size: Minimum 10 KB, Maximum 1 MB

Specification of digital photograph to be uploaded
  • Format - PDF
  • Size: Minimum 10 KB, Maximum 300 KB
Other specifications
  • The height and width of the Photo must be equal.
  • Photo should present full face, front view, eyes open and without spectacles.
  • Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.
  • Background should be plain light colored or white background.
  • No shadows on the face or on the background.
  • Without borders.
Scanned Bio page of the passport showing the photograph and details
  • Format - PDF
  • Size: Minimum 10 KB, Maximum 300 KB
Step 5

Photo and document upload section

  • Kindly upload your Photo and Document as per the photo and document specification mentioned under the instruction section on the widget.
  • Document requirements are dfferent for different categories of e-Visa.
  • Example:
    Documents requirement for the following types of e-Visas are as follows:

Step 6

Data verification

  • Kindly verify all the data that you have filled.
  • By verifying your details you are confirming that the details you provided are true and correct.
  • Confirm the details that you filled and click on proceed.
You can Edit, Download or Print the data that you have filled.

Step 7

Waiting for Government of India Approval

  • You will receive a confirmation email from the Government of India for the acceptance/rejection of your e-Visa application.
  • To check your Visa Status from the Government of India Website fill the following details:
    • Application ID
    • Passport Number
    and click on ‘Check Status’ to view your current e-Visa application status.
Please Note:
  • Once payment is completed on the Government Website, the amount will be non-refundable.